2019 ACMK Student Competition


The ACMK Students’ Competition is aimed at engaging Construction Management
Students across Kenyan Universities by challenging them to apply knowledge acquired
academically into solving real time project issues.
ACMK intends to have this competition annually as a way of contributing to the
students’ body of knowledge and more importantly bridging the gap between class
theory and practical experience.
This year’s competition, as will be the case in all future years will involve all
universities offering the programme. They include:-
• The University of Nairobi
• Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
• Kenyatta University
• Technical University of Kenya
• Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University

Competition Rules

The following rules are to be followed for successful entry into the competition. A
period of two weeks will be provided for participants to submit entries into the

  • Each university will be allowed only two entry groups into the competition hence Ten (10) entries for each competition category.
  • Each group must have a maximum of Five (5) and a minimum of Two (2) participants.
  • Participants must be in year 1 or 2 for the 1st/ 2nd year’s competition and years 3 or 4 for the 3rd/4th year’s competition.
  • Students on long holiday waiting to transition to 3rd year will only be eligible to participate in the 1st/2nd years competition.
  • Participants must submit proof of year of study.
  • Only one entry will be allowed per group and no participant should be a member of more than one group.
  • All reports will be tested for plagiarism, and only a maximum of 15%
    plagiarism will be allowed.
  • Participants must be student members of ACMK.

More Rules......

During the two weeks period, each university will have a chance to make as many
entries as possible i.e. several groups. The entry will contain the following

  • University Name
  • Number and details of group members: Name as appears in the National ID, Student’s Number (including scanned copy of Student’s ID), Year of
    Study, Telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Delegated group leader who will be the point of contact
    A maximum of 500 words statement (to be in one independent page)
    explaining why you wish to enter into the competition and how the
    competition will benefit your aspirations, hence why you should be
  • All submissions must be done before 15th May, 2019 to info@acmk.co.ke

Shortlisting and Pre-Qualification of Entries

The 500 word statement above will be forwarded to independent parties outside ACMK for shortlisting of the two entries per university who will then participate in each competition. This adjudication period will take a maximum of 2 weeks and ACMK will communicate to both the proceeding groups and those who will not proceed.

Award for Each Competition

  • 1st Position – Kshs 30,000 + 1st Position Certificate for each group member
  • 2nd Position – Kshs 20,000 + 2nd Position Certificate for each group member
  • 3rd Position – Kshs 15,000 + 3rd Position Certificate for each group member
  • All other participants from the remaining successful entries – Certificate of

1st Years and 2nd Years Competition

There are two construction sites within Nairobi with nearly the same complexity and scale (sites to be communicated to competitors after shortlisting). Each group is required to visit one out of the two sites. Each site will randomly be allocated 5 groups
hence 10 groups in total.
Each group is allocated one day to visit the site and prepare a report with requirements as outlined below. No follow up visits shall be allowed. You will be required to submit a report in PDF capturing the following:-

a) Basic Details about the project
• Name of the Project
• Nature of the Project i.e. project type and scope
• The project organogram

b) Main Report
Conduct a review of the site organization of the project and subsequently prepare a site organization plan recommending (with valid reasons) alternative solutions to proper
site organization of the project. The site organization aspects should include: site layout, the project organogram, store organization, material delivery and waste management among other aspects.

The report should be accompanied by photos where possible for visual illustration. The report should give an in-depth review of the site and should have an introduction and conclusion chapter.

3rd Years and 4th Years Competition

Identify one completed and one ongoing project being carried out by the County Government of Nairobi. Based on the identified projects above, give a detailed analysis of the implementation of each of the constraints below:
1. Scope
2. Time
3. Cost
4. Quality
5. Health & Safety

Furthermore, identify the challenges faced in the execution of the constraints stated above (Scope, Time, Cost, Quality and Health & Safety).
Develop the County’s Construction Project Management proposal to cure the faced and possible future emerging issues.

Assessment of Competition

Each report will be assessed by independent judges based on the quality and
comprehensive nature of the report. Where necessary, the groups may be called to give a PowerPoint presentation of their report findings. An overall winner will be selected based on the judges’ decision, which will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

Click on the image below to download the instructions and rules

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